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Fellowship Application FeeThis status may be granted to applicants who meet the following requirements: 1.Spent the immediate past 2 years in treating head, neck, craniofacial pain and TMJ disorders; 2.Treated a minimum of 50 head, neck, craniofacial pain and TMJ patients; 3.Advanced study and training in the field which consists of successful completion of at least 2 or more academic years of graduate study in an ADA accredited dental school program, OR 4.A minimum of 200 hours within the immediate past 10 years of continuing education courses in the field; 5.Sponsorship by two Academy Fellows. (Not the same two who sponsored the applicant earlier). When applying for Fellowship status; 6.Pass a rigid written examination (100 questions or by successfully passing all examinations given by the AACP Craniofacial Pain Mini-residency. 7.Pre-registration is required and payment of an exam fee must also be sent to the Central Office. 8.A signed and notarized affidavit and access to records is required.