Research Committee Reports

Report 1: August 2002
Report 2: February 2003
Report 3: August 2003

Case Studies

1 - "My jaws are killing me and I have headaches every day": Wesley E. Shankland II, DDS, MS

2 - Chronic Myofascial Pain Succumbs to Injection Modalities of Prolotherapy, ANS Ganglion Blocking and Neural Therapy: Jack L. Haden, DDS

3 - Mandibular Pathology Produces Neuralgic Pain and Unpleasant Taste: Wesley E. Shankland II, DDS, MS

4 - Chronic Pain of 14 Years Duration is Eliminated with Treatment Including Radiofrequency Surgery: Ira M. Klemons, DDS, PhD

5 - The Use of Diagnostic Anesthetic Blocks to Aid in Diagnosis: John Dupont, DDS

6 - A Rare Case of Metastatic Tumor in the TMJ Area: Jack I. Cherin, DMD, FAGD, FAACP

7 - Prosthetic Problem Mimicking a Facial Pain Disorder: Wesley E. Shankland II, DDS, MS

8 - A Case of Anterior Disc Displacement with Reduction: Jamison R. Spencer, DMD

9 - A Case of Headache and Jaw Pain: J Jay Cooney, DMD

10 - A Case of Unilateral Derangement of the TMJ with Contralateral TMJ Synovitis and Mild Sleep Apnea: Tammy Balagek, DDS

11 - A Case of Bilateral Anterior Disc Displacement Without Reduction, Bilateral Degenerative Arthritis of the TM Joints and Facial Pain: Roger W. Roubal, DDS

12 - A Case of Anterior Disc Displacement Without Reduction of the TMJ With Contributing Factors: Edmund KT Liem, DDS

13 - A Case of Osteoarthritis of the TMJ: Gary Demerjian, DDS

14 - A Case of Bilateral Non-Reducing Disc Displacements: Steve Tatevossian, DDS

15 - A Case of TMJ Disk Displacement With Degenerative Changes: Shahrad Mavandadi, DDS

16 - A Case of Non-Reducing Disc Displacement With Associated Dysfunction: Jim Beck, DDS

17 - A Case of Bilateral Anterior Disc Displacements With Reduction With Degenerative Arthritis: Jamison R. Spencer, DMD