Specialty Law Review Course
Frank Recker, JD, DDS, has been directly involved in legal issues surrounding the control of Dental Specialties since the 1970's. He was directly active in the failed ABCP application to the American Board of Dental Specialties and has consulted with and provided valuable information to David Simmons, JD, who is the legal counsel in both the ABCP and AACP applications for specialty. Dr. Recker will present a law school case study of the history of dental specialty law over the last 35 years with focus on the very active past five years. He will explain the recent Federal Court decisions and there impact as well as the present status of the new Orofacial Pain specialty proposed by the ADA commission. Most importantly, attendees will learn the legal status of the ABCP and the ABOP and the proper steps ABCP Diplomates may need to take in order to be recognized in their respective states. 

Considering the importance of this information and the general confusion that surrounds this important topic, it is essential that every ABCP Diplomate and every AACP Member set aside Saturday, October 31 for this event.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the legal history of Orofacial Pain as a specialty.
2. Understand the current ADA ruling on Orofacial Pain and how it relates to you and your practice.
3. Have a portfolio of cases to take away and reference from this course. 

When: October 31, 2020
Time: 8:30 am - 12:45 pm PST

Member Price: $249
Non-Member Price: $379

Dr. Frank R. Recker

Dr. Frank Recker graduated from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry after obtaining his BS from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Before entering the practice of law, he practiced as a general dentist for 15 years and served on the Ohio State Dental Board. As a Life Member of the American Association of Dental Boards, he maintains an up to date awareness of board activity and trends throughout the U.S. Similarly, as a Life Member of the American Dental Association and a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, he tracks the most recent developments in clinical dentistry and related legal issues.

Having held various public offices in Ohio and Florida, Dr. Recker is very familiar with the functioning of local and state governments, and the corresponding legal duties and liabilities of state officials and entities, such as dental boards, when acting within the scope of their lawful duties.

He regularly writes a 'Legal Bites' section for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He has lectured throughout the country on a multitude of risk management issues, including high-risk patients, staffing and employment issues, clinical missteps and the standard of care, as well as avoiding malpractice claims. Perhaps more importantly, he gives sound advice on dealing with state board investigations, disciplinary actions, and a dentist's civil rights. He has represented dentists, physicians in many states across the US.

Dr. Recker is admitted to practice law in Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida, but is able to represent a dentist in any state by 'linking' with a local attorney in a respective state capital, where state boards are typically located. Such appearances are termed 'pro hac vice' and are commonplace in the practice of law. He is also licensed to practice dentistry in Ohio and Florida.

Although Dr. Recker does not practice 'on behalf of' malpractice insurance carriers, he frequently acts as personal counsel in malpractice cases, both assisting the insurance carrier assigned counsel, and safeguarding the rights of the dental professional in such situations.