AACP Injection & SPG Blockage Techniques
AACP presents a hands-on training course where you will learn cutting-edge injection techniques for the therapeutic treatment of patients who want to feel better and look better. After participating in this dynamic two-day course, you’ll return to your practice prepared to introduce procedures that will immediately grow your bottom line! But you must ACT QUICKLY – registration is strictly limited to only 18 participants in order to preserve a sound faculty-student ratio and maintain high safety standards.



Course Objectives:
  • To understand the anatomy of the injected structures
  • To understand the benefits and uses of Craniofacial pain injections
  • To understand the complications 
  • To understand the basis for various injectables and subsequent bodily reactions
  • To gain the skills to comfortable and completely preform the injections

When: SPRING 2021
Time: 8am-5pm; 8am-1pm
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cost: Members: $1999
          Non-Members: $2499





For more information on the Marriott's safety protocol in response to COVID-19, click HERE.