AACP Online Education - Mini Residency: Session 1

Craniofacial Pain Disorders, History, Examination, Diagnosis, & Treatment Planning


Upon completion of Session 1, participants should be able to:

  1. Recognize the most commonly occurring craniofacial pain disorders.
  2. Complete a comprehensive history and examination of the craniofacial pain patient.
  3. Understand the more commonly used diagnostic tests and when to implement them.
  4. Make a provisional diagnosis based on patient complaints.

By the end of Session 1, participants should also have acquired, improved, and/or updated their knowledge of and ability to understand the clinical relevance of head-and-neck anatomy, recognize and diagnose dental-alveolar pains, and develop a treatment plan for the craniofacial pain patient.

Approx. 14 CE Credit Hours

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