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Membership Requirements

This document is meant only as an overview of the requirements. Details and Application for each level may be obtained from the Academy's Central Office.

In order to maintain a high standard of professional recognition, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain has established five levels of professional accomplishment that may advance in recognition for the TMJ practitioner.


This status is an entry level and is required for advancement to higher membership levels. It is granted to applicants who meet the following requirements:

  1. One must possess a Dental degree from an accredited university or college and must be licensed by the state in which he/she practices.
  2. Complete membership application and membership fee.


Fellowship Status in the Academy shall be granted to those members who have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Submit a written application to the Directors, on its standard application form for Fellowship status which:
    1. is accompanied by the application fee established by the Directors,
    2. is sponsored by two (2) Academy members holding Fellow, Distinguished Fellow, or Master of Excellence status,
    3. is received by the Directors at least thirty days prior to its annual meeting.
  2. Establish to the satisfaction of the Directors, that the applicant has completed the requisite advanced study and training. Said advanced study and training requirements will be satisfied by:
    • At least two (2) or more academic years of graduate study in an accredited dental school program which resulted in a certificate or advanced degree in the diagnosis and treatment of Craniofacial Pain and Temporomandibular disorders; OR
    • A minimum of two hundred (200) hours of “related” continuing education courses which have been completed within the immediate ten years prior to the date of submission of written application for fellowship in the Academy.
  3. Submit a notarized affidavit to the Directors on a form approved by the Secretary of the Academy attesting that:
    1. The applicant has personally completed all aspects of diagnosis and treatment for fifty (50) patients whose chief complaints included Craniofacial Pain of non-dental or alveolar origin. To ensure privacy, the patient list documenting completed cases may include patients’ initials and or chart # with the patients’ date of birth or last four digits of social security number. At the request of the Directors, the applicant may be required to demonstrate to representatives of the Academy, radiographs and records of acceptable quality, which clearly delineate the scope of the patients’ complaints and treatment.  Failure to provide said records or other information to these representatives shall be considered reasonable cause for refusing Fellowship status to the applicant or the request of his/her immediate resignation; and
    2. The applicant has been involved for the previous two (2) years in the diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders (Phase 1) of non-dental or alveolar origin.
  4. Execute an affidavit which provides:
    1. that the applicant will keep records in sufficient detail to enable the truthfulness of all statements and representations made by the applicant to be determined, including but not limited to, those statements concerning the number of patients applicant has treated for Craniofacial Pain, continuing education and other post graduate courses completed, and
    2. that the applicant will permit representatives of the Academy (to be appointed by the Directors) to examine said records during normal business hours upon reasonable notice to the extent necessary to verify any and all statements and representations made by the applicant to the Academy.

Dates of all deadlines, fees, and benefits will be established by the Directors and are to be listed in the Policy and Procedure Manual.

Please click here for the Fellowship application.
Please click here for the Exhibit A Template.

Additional levels of membership include:

  • Retired — no longer earning an income which requires a license to practice dentistry
  • Associate — reserved for Healthcare Practitioners who are not dentists
  • International Chapter Member — Membership in the AACP is a necessary prerequisite to membership in any international (i.e., non-USA) Academy chapter

Comprehensive information and qualifications regarding the above levels can be obtained through the Central Office at the contact information below.


Click Here for our Dental Membership Brochure (pdf format)
Click Here for our Associate Membership Brochure (pdf format)